Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Exploring the Group of Seven - Style, Influence and Canadian National Identity

In November 2016, a painting titled Mountain Forms, by Group of Seven member Lawren Harris, became the most expensive artwork ever to sell at a Canadian auction.

Macleans magazine reports that “of Canadian artwork sold in the last 50 years, six of the top 10 most expensive were Harrises, each having sold for more than two million dollars, according to the Canadian Art Sales Index. “He’s the cultural manifestation of what the Canadian soul is all about”.”
Framed by Fortune.  Macleans magazine, November 25, 2016

We wanted to explore the style of the Group of Seven and the influence their landscapes have had, not only on Canadian art, but on our sense of Canadian national identity.  This new Special Edition has resources about the Group of Seven as a unit as well as about the artists themselves.  You will also find resources and links that explore some of the actual places used for the artists’ landscapes.  Learn about the Group of Seven’s unique style and their success and influence in the Canadian and international art communities.  As always, we have included lesson plans in our Teacher Resources section and online interactives for students.

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