Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spirit of Alberta

In 2005, the year of Alberta’s centennial, an idea was born to create a digital resource of sites, printables, project ideas and images that teachers could use in lesson plans and activities about Alberta.  The Team and Teacher-Leaders got together and created lists of resources and projects aligned to Alberta curriculum. The Spirit of Alberta website was created from these ideas.

Over the past ten years, we have watched this website and these resources maintain steady interest from teachers (an average of 35,000 hits/4,000 page views per month).  We regularly have teachers call the office and ask about the Amazing Race Across Alberta, one of the original activities designed for the Spirit of Alberta.  It seems that some of the old resources are still key parts of teachers’ plans for Alberta regions in Grade 4.

We have spent the last month migrating the best of the Spirit of Alberta content over to a new version and url.  Many of the original resources including the Amazing Race and the printable crossword puzzle and quizzes are now available in the menu. For example, you can check out this page of resources for pond studies.  We have reviewed and included online resources in various categories for use as research or reference materials.

As a companion site to the interactive student resources in Kids Love and for Teens, Spirit of Alberta is a great jumping off point for any studies with an Alberta theme. Reviewing these great ideas, resources and activities for students and teachers made us proud to be Albertans!