Wednesday, February 24, 2016

An ‘Egg’cellent Activity

Alberta has a rich history of Ukrainian immigrants maintaining and sharing their cultural traditions. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, “Ukrainian Canadians are Canada's ninth largest ethnic group; Canada has the world's third-largest Ukrainian population behind Ukraine itself and Russia. Slightly more than 110,000 Ukrainian Canadians speak Ukrainian, and more than half live in the Prairie Provinces.”
At Easter, particularly with displays of colourful Easter eggs, we are reminded about the special traditions that Ukrainian immigrants brought to Canada. There is a both spirituality and art in the making of Ukrainian pysanky or Easter eggs. As part of’s Celebrating Easter page, we have a resource for students and teachers to learn about the meaning behind the symbols and colours used on pysanky. Visit the resource at The Art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs from

For younger students, we have several recommended interactive activities that embrace the traditional aspects of creating Easter eggs while making the activity colourful and fun.  These online activities can be used as art or seasonal activity .

Make a Pysanky Egg
Use your mouse to draw images on the egg or select from the many graphics and symbols.

Egg Decorating Symmetry
Create a symmetrically decorated egg by dragging patterns onto areas of the egg template. You can turn the vertical and horizontal line guides on or off.  

Make an Easter Egg
Choose the egg you would like to decorate. Then, choose designs or letters or draw on your egg. Click next and choose a toy to hide in your egg. Finally, you get to hide your egg! 

Easter Egg Fun
It's time to decorate your Easter Egg. Click on an egg, choose a colour and then add patterns and images.  

Embrace the tradition of Easter Eggs and get creative with your students. For all of our Easter resources, visit our Celebrating Easter page.